What’s Happening In My Yard 2-3-2014

For those of you who know how much I love wildflowers or any flowers for that matter, you may be in shock at what I did today.  I pulled almost all of the Desert Bluebells from my side/backyard today.  We could barely open the shed and it was only going to get harder.  They were growing out of control this year.  We did have normal rainfall last year of +/- 8 inches.  However, we do not have rain gutters so all of the rain pours off our roof.  Probably why the wildflowers in this part of our yard were so thick and huge!

As sad as it was to pull these out, and a few bees didn’t seem to be too happy with me, at least mother nature made up for my sadness with a beautiful sunset.

This sunset is from my backyard tonight!  I tweeted it to one of the TV stations, maybe it will be on the news later tonight!



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