How About Some Arizona Sun?

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about a story behind a photo.  Today my husband, our dog Molly and I went to Papago Park for a late afternoon walk.  I thought I would be shooting sunset with a reflection in the water there.


While walking around and waiting for sunset I did shoot some birds.  I was actually stalking this Great Blue Heron around the water.  It was posing for me until a lady road by on her bike and it flew away.  Not a subject matter I would typically shoot, however, I am happy with the composition.  If I decide to shoot more wildlife an investment in a better telephoto lens will be a necessity.

How is it I have lived in the Valley of the Sun for almost 28 years and never watched sunset from Hole in the Rock at Papago Park?  So tonight,  we all went up to watch.  I made the mistake of not taking my tripod with me, but it was more of a scouting shoot for me and just enjoying watching the sunset.


While waiting for the sun to go down and the clouds to turn red, I did  shoot the sun as it was going down and a plane was taking off.  It’s hard to see in such a small image, but it is there.  Another reason to possibly invest in a better long lens.  For those of you living in a much colder climate, this is some Arizona sun for you!

The late afternoon light was beautiful on the buttes on the north side of the park.


And the last photo is the Phoenix skyline after the sun had set and the clouds turned red.



3 thoughts on “How About Some Arizona Sun?

      1. mrsbearfoot

        Good and bad about both places but we enjoy both, and definitely love taking the SUV out into the desert to explore. Except those rattlesnakes can stay away! Had one on our driveway one night when we came home. 😦

        Soak up some sunshine and warmth for me – it’s a chilly one here today.


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