What Is A Sleeping Branch?

Recently, I read a post on Another Song, Another Mile that reminded me of a photo I took in Acadia National Park.

I was there for a photography workshop through Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.  Not only were we learning technical skills, but visualization and creativity.  A new concept for me was conceptual blending.  We were given an assignment based on that concept where we were asked to draw a word from two different envelopes.  One word was an action verb and one was a noun.

My words were sleeping and branch.  What is a sleeping branch?  How would I possibly photograph that concept.  Immediately I envisioned photographing a leaf on a branch so that the leaf was curved to look like a hammock.  We had until the next day to find our words to photograph.

Later that day we were at Sand Beach and I had been having trouble with my compositions.  When this happens, I attach my 50 mm 1.8D lens so that I am forced to move my feet and also if I choose to do something abstract, I can open the lens wide up.   I was walking around the beach and I looked down and immediately saw a bed!  Yes, a bed, my sleeping branch!  Below is the photo, the largest part of the branch is the mattress and the seaweed is a very unique headboard.  Do you see it?  I guess watching a lot of HGTV helped me “see” this image.

Let me know your thoughts!

Sleeping Branch

Sleeping Branch


What do you think?

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