Daily Prompt: Precious

Molly, not a person per se, but a family member indeed.  I also call her my BFF.  We adopted Molly 9 years ago from the Arizona Humane Society.

I had been looking for a female black and tan dachshund.  Wanting a dog so bad and missing multiple opportunities of adopting a dachshund, I took a Friday afternoon off to once again check the shelters.  I was in luck!  I walked into the kennels at the Arizona Humane Society and there was Molly in a kennel.  She had only been there a few hours.  Still wet from being dipped due to ticks on her.  The information about her was handwritten, they hadn’t had time to post the printed sheet normally attached to the kennels.  Immediately, I wanted her even though she wasn’t a purebred dachshund.  Molly is a dachshund/beagle mix.  She was whining and licking my fingers.  After filling out all the paperwork and paying the fee, it was time to take Molly home.  We walked out to the parking lot, opened the back of my SUV and she immediately jumped in.  She wanted out of there!

A few months later we decided to take her to obedience training, she was 16 months and full of dachshund and beagle energy.  We spent 5 months taking obedience training all the way though the advanced class.  She was a diva at training!  Always the star of her class.

She has brought more joy than we ever could have imagined over the years!  So many stories to tell about Molly….that could be a whole separate blog!


In the early years, I'm innocent

In the early years, I’m innocent

Taking a break from watching out the window

Taking a break from watching out the window

Always makes the most new friends

Always makes the most new friends

I'll look and perk my ears for you

I’ll look and perk my ears for you

A big attitude

A big attitude

No, I won't look at the camera

No, I won’t look at the camera


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Precious

  1. Bob

    Tammy…. I remember when your parents had a Dachshund when they lived on Baker ST.

    I liked that dog. I also like Beagles…..I can see that “Molly” is a spoiled BEST FRIEND !

    Wish my “Land Lady” allowed pets….Dogs are so faithful…Cats can be Nasty.


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