After Visiting the Infamous Bridges

After visiting the infamous bridges of Madison County, I wanted to watch the movie, at least for the second time.  It was several weeks later when I actually rented the movie.  When the movie first came out, I went to see it and loved it.  Even bought the book and read it too.  My perspective was completely different watching the movie after having visited the bridges and now being a photographer myself.  It was interesting to see the angles used in filming the bridge scenes, both at the Holliwell Bridge and the Roseman Bridge.

In the scene where Francesca shows Robert where the Roseman Bridge is, I got the biggest chuckle out of the wildflowers he picked for her.  You know the one’s where Francesca tells Robert that they are poisonous as a joke.   I had seen the purple flowers growing along the sides of the gravel roads and highways when I first got to Iowa this fall.  Several times I asked people “what are those purple flowers I keep seeing alongside the road?”.  Funny, everyone said they didn’t know.  When I finally saw some up close I immediately thought they looked like desert chicory or white tackstem that we see in Arizona in the spring, both of which are white.  So. one day I picked some and went to the County Extension Office to inquire.   And sure enough, it was chicory that I was seeing.  Once I told everyone that I had picked some and went to the County Extension Office, they said “oh, I didn’t know that’s what you were talking about”.

Sometimes seeing a movie or reading a book for a second, third or fourth time, you pick up on details you missed before.   Especially if it has been years, your perspective has now changed due to more and different life experiences.  Had I not recently been to Iowa, visited the infamous bridges of Madison County, picked and photographed chicory, I may not have noticed the wildflowers Robert picked for Francesca were chicory.

Curious about my day in Madison County?  Read my post Not Just Bridges in Madison County.



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