A Night In The Garden

Last night I had the pleasure of shooting with some photographer friends at the Desert Botanical Garden.  We went to see and photograph the “Chihuly in the Garden” exhibit.

There had been an exhibit of Chihuly at the Desert Botanical Garden in 2009 and I had gone a few times to photograph the beautiful glass art.  Before heading out yesterday, I went through all of my photos from 2009 to see what worked and what could be improved.   Some of the photos I thought “what in the world was I seeing?” and others were done well.  Yes, that seems a bit anal, however, it was a really good learning experience.

I didn’t shoot as much as expected last night, more time was spent catching up with my friends and scouting the exhibit.  As a member of the garden, I can go as many times as I like at no extra charge, admission to this exhibit is included with my membership.  Next time, I think a sunrise shoot may be planned.  Another night shoot will probably be planned as well.

This image was made during the blue hour, the hour after sunset, one of my favorite times to shoot.  For me, the light evokes peace and tranquility.



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