20091020-_DSC0330…I will be back in the Midwest and am hoping for beautiful light and great fall color.  But as in my previous post (I Miss The Smell), the smell of fall is what I am most excited about!  Many of the birds will have already left and headed south for the winter, leaving nests behind.  Once hidden by all of the summer foliage, their nests will now be seen among the colorful autumn foliage.

A long list of places to photograph has been made.  Many are new places, but my favorite places are listed as well.  20091020-_DSC0309Along the river where trees are plentiful and full of color.  A place where I can indulge on a deep-fried breaded tenderloin and a side of deep-fried cheddar cheese balls.  Not the type of lunch I typically have, but a must have when I return home to visit family and friends.



There has been a lack of rain in the last few months, color may be scarce this year.  A different plan may be made, but different is what I like!


What do you think?

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