After The Rattlesnake….

After the rattlesnake sighting on Forest Road 419, I decided to head home.  Then I recalled that Four Peaks Road would be full of wildflowers and I would driving right past the turn off.  Once again, change of plan, more photography in the late afternoon light.  Still nervous about seeing another snake, I was having trouble working up the courage to stop my vehicle, get out and photograph all the wildflowers and blooming cactus I was seeing.  On a couple of occasions, I shot from inside my vehicle.  I was using my Nikkor 105 mm 2.8 macro lens and decided to try using it as a telephoto lens.  Still needing to hold it steady, I rolled down my window, rested my arms on the door frame, and turned on the VR.

Here is one of the images from that day from inside my vehicle.  I saw this decaying Saguaro Cactus still standing tall with one arm raised, looking a bit like the Statue of Liberty.

Saguaro Salute

Saguaro Salute

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