Color Of Your Shirt

Color Of Your Shirt

Color Of Your Shirt

I was out shooting one day by myself (as I usually do) and a group of ladies asked me about Owl Clover.  I told them with little rain last fall, not many would be seen.  One lady asked me to describe them and I said “they’re the color of your shirt”.  A short while later as they were walking through the desert I heard her say, “she said it was the color of my shirt” and I thought it must be Owl Clover.  Sure enough when I walked over, it was a single Owl Clover bloom.  I told them it was a great find.  There were a few blooms just starting to emerge near some Cream Cups.  A few days later when I returned to see if the other blooms had opened, they were gone.  Someone had picked all of them!

Prints available for purchase at TBecker Photos

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