A Different Photo…..

While out photographing the wildflowers this spring I was perplexed at how to photograph chia.  A typical macro shot of a single chia didn’t seem appealing.  I had a vision of photographing a group of chia. The group I saw at Bartlett Lake wasn’t quite my vision.  Yesterday after seeing a rattlesnake and being petrified to be on the ground along FSR 419, I decided to take a drive along Four Peaks Rd to see what I could find.  Granted I was still leery about getting out of my vehicle, but did manage a few times.  Along the road was a group of chia that might just work for my vision.  I often see images of flowers that are quite artistic and thought that style might work for the chia.  Regardless of whether anyone, including myself, likes this image, I wasn’t afraid to try something different.  And different it certainly is.



Prints available for purchase at TBecker Photos


2 thoughts on “A Different Photo…..

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