What would the title be?

Thank you to all my new followers! Here is the story behind the title of my blog. Hope you enjoy!

Different Isn't Wrong, It's Just Different

Many years ago when I was in kindergarten we were to draw a picture of a house.  A piece of paper and crayons were our tools.  The pictures were completed and turned in.  We then gathered around as the teacher showed each student’s drawing for the entire class to see. Some were single story and some were two-story.  Then came mine, it was round, orange with green windows.  My teacher described it as a haystack.  I was traumatized, hence the beginning of my fear to be different.

Fast forward to high school.  A required class was Advanced Composition. An entire semester of writing!  I excelled in math not English and certainly not writing.  This was going to be a long semester.  However, Mr. Brown made the semester fun.  We played trivia some days and best of all Mr. Brown was known for his impersonation of Mr. Fred Rogers.  One assignment…

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