Think Pink

20110507-Barb & TammyIn April 2011 my sister was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  We have no family history of breast cancer and this was a complete shock to our entire family.  She would be having surgery a couple of weeks later and I made plans to go back and stay with her for a week.

When I arrived at the airport my aunt picked me up and we stopped at the Amish greenhouse in Kalona.  I wanted to take some flowers for my sisters deck.  She always has flowers on the deck in spring, summer and fall.  20110506-DSCN3145The greenhouse was full of hanging baskets and flowers.  After looking around I chose a hanging basket full of pink petunias and some other pink flowers.  We then headed to my sister’s house and she was so surprised with the hanging basket.  This week would be all about pink, even my suitcase was pink!

She is now a 2+ year breast cancer survivor.  In her honor, I am now selling my pink images online with 15% of the profit being donated to breast cancer.

Here is the link to my Think Pink gallery (20+ images available for purchase).   Please feel free to share this post and my website and help me spread the word about Think Pink!


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