I Miss the Smell


Usually I spend autumn during peak fall color in the Midwest. Last year I decided to stay in Arizona for fall color. My plan was to shoot the golden aspen in Flagstaff and the most popular trail for fall color, West Fork in Oak Creek Canyon.

I was looking forward to cooler temperatures as October in the desert is still quite warm. Visions of red and yellow foliage with the beautiful canyon walls and pine trees for the backdrop would be different from fall in the Midwest.  Not to mention the creek and all the potential opportunities for shots of leaves and water.

20121024-_DSC4056Walking along the trail, the color was magnificent. The maple trees were yellow, pink and red depending on if they were just turning or at peak color. The oak leaves were turning from lime green to yellow.  There were plenty of leaves that had fallen, perfect for macro shots.  Especially along the creek the fallen leaves were covered with water droplets.


But there was something missing. I kept filling my lungs with the cool air of fall. It didn’t smell like fall. You know that incredible smell in the wood of decaying leaves. The smell of earth covered in red, orange and yellow foliage that would turn brown and crunch under your feet while taking a stroll.


I miss the smell of fall. This year, spending time in the Midwest during the fall season is on my list, just for the smell.


One thought on “I Miss the Smell

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