Two Stories … In And Behind the Photo

The early morning started with a sunrise shoot atop Cadillac Mountain, the first place in the U.S. to see the sunrise.  However, on this morning Cadillac Mountain was enveloped with heavy fog.  Acadia Blog-0965This was a different sea than what was expected.  Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean had been visualized.

Knowing the pre-dawn hour up on Cadillac would be chilly, I was dressed in layers, thankful that my top layer was my rain gear.  Not because it was raining, but due to the wind.  Hoods, hats and gloves were worn by all who had gotten up basically in the middle of the night to watch the sun rise.  As I sat on the cold pink granite waiting to see if the sun would be able to break through, I watched the fog blow by.  We had a brief moment when the sun tried to break through and the pink granite had a touch of warmth.  Fog is rare in the desert where I live, so the opportunity to shoot on this foggy morning was gratifying.

Upon descent of Cadillac Mountain the fog had lifted, the sky still overcast.  Stopping along the road to continue the morning shoot, was a meadow with ox-eye daisies, lupine and aspen.   The light was perfect for macro photography.  Acadia Blog-0984I started with my macro lens and the ox-eye daisies.  This particular daisy immediately reminded me of the song “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” from “The Wizard of Oz”.

I then moved on to broad shots of the meadow. The green and purple so vibrant.  Acadia Blog-0988 After shooting a broad scene I walked down the road to get closer to the lupine.  The lupine in this field were taller than any I had ever seen.  They were between waist and chest  high, and I’m just above average height.  There were lupine just starting to bloom, in full bloom and some were already spent.  This was the story I wanted to tell.  My first composition there was a merge of two lupine.  The camera cannot see what the human eye can.  We see the world in 3D, but the camera only sees in 2D.  Being careful not to damage any lupine, I moved further into the meadow.  All the while keeping my eye on the lupine that first caught my attention.

Life of a Lupine
Life of a Lupine

Do you see the story in this photo?  Maybe the title will help. A lupine not yet in bloom near one just starting to bloom.  Then several lupine that had started to fade and one that had gone to seed.  Hindsight being 20/20, I would have continued to work on the shot with the merge and made it abstract, telling the story in a different way.

Over the years I have been complimented on being able to see the light.  Seeing the light is very important, but is there a story to tell?

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7 thoughts on “Two Stories … In And Behind the Photo

  1. David Patterson

    Love your Lupine story… I always look forward to the time of year when they bloom here in Maine. Some people see them almost as weeds, but I think they are pretty neat 🙂

      1. David Patterson

        Great story that captures much of why shooting in the summer in Acadia is so exhilarating… very early mornings, unpredictable weather, and bugs that are so big they could carry you away! The personal reason for going on your Acadia adventure shines through too 🙂

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