Bring the Ocean to the Desert?


In my post “What would the Title Be?”, I wrote about a photo that had been critiqued and it being different from the classic shot.

During my time in Acadia National Park last summer, our instructor (Colleen Miniuk-Sperry) told a story about a lady who lived in the desert feeling claustrophobic in the forest.  In order to overcome that feeling she went to the coast where it is open like the desert.  We were given the challenge to take the ocean back to the desert.  I thought how in the world can we do that?

The ocean is the opposite of the desert.  Moist cool breeze, blue water as far as the eye can see.  The sound of crashing waves, buoys and birds all along the coast.  It’s peaceful.  The desert air is dry like the hot air that escapes when an oven door is opened.  Coyotes howling as the sun sets and in the pre-dawn hour.  Many shades of brown in the earth, flora and fauna struggling to survive.

I struggled trying to bring the feel of the ocean to the desert.  Then a month after my trip to Acadia, I attended another workshop this time at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Critique sessions were held in the lodge.  The room was large and the view looked out to the canyon.  Most people view the canyon looking to the North Rim from the South Rim and vice versa.  This view was different, it was towards the west and went as far as the eye could see.  This was the ocean in the desert!

After our critique session we were headed to Cape Royal for sunset.  While waiting for sunset I made several intimate landscape shots.  We were out on a cliff and I was feeling a bit dizzy so I sat down.  Looking to the west, the canyon looked as if it went on forever.  Here was my ocean in the desert shot.

North Rim-2615

Wotan’s Throne is to the left of the frame.  This perspective is different than the classic shot of Wotan’s Throne.  The sky was overcast and the clouds lacked texture so I kept it out of the frame.  Another trip to the North Rim to try this shot again is on my list!

And the classic shot?  Here are two from our sunrise shoot the next morning. As far as sunset that night, read my post “Don’t Get Caught Sittin’ on the Bus” for that story!

North Rim-2728

North Rim-2723

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