Creative Moment of the Day


Yesterday one of my friends wished me happy birthday and said she was looking forward to my creative moment of the day.  I replied “Thank you for the challenge!”.  Now to determine what my creative moment would be.

As it was my birthday, I thought about baking one of my favorite desserts, however, living in the desert it was too hot to bake.  Ice cream sounded really good!  But not just any ice cream, it would be homemade, just like on my birthdays as a child.  Now for a flavor, hmm, something different.  I had some frozen rhubarb that needed to be used, so homemade rhubarb ice cream it would be.  As my rhubarb was mostly green stems, the ice cream is tan, but the flavor is so good!

Making ice cream today is not as labor intensive as it was in my childhood days.  Our ice cream maker had a tall cylinder and wood bucket with a hand crank.  The cylinder would be put in the bucket and surrounded by ice and salt.  I have fond memories of making ice cream at my aunt and uncle’s house outside in the driveway on a summer evening.  My dad and his brother (they called each other George) would take turns cranking the ice cream maker. When the crank became really hard to turn they would have me stand on top of the crank to hold the bucket in place as they cranked away.  Neither my dad or uncle are with us today, but the memory brings a smile to my face.

So for my creative moment of the day, homemade rhubarb ice cream, a photo and a story!

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