Favorite Images 2018

Another year has almost come to an end. Hard to believe 2018 is almost over. My time for photography has been limited this year and my time for writing has been even less. (Something to work on for 2019, making more time for both.) As I was pondering whether or not to show my favorite images for 2018, I wondered if there were more than a handful as I had only wandered through the nearby parks a few times. But those few times I knew I had to work hard and really make my time count.  To my surprise, while browsing through my Lightroom catalog of images for 2018, many I was quite pleased with. Each year there is a different theme to my photography and at first I thought it was all about trees, white and red this year. However, as I discovered images that I had forgotten about, two themes came to mind. One, I was looking for peace, for which I hope you see as I did when the images were made and still see today. Two, I was pushing myself to be creative.  With little time in the field this year, I was usually chasing a moment, when nature’s show would be for a short time, as little as a fleeing moment, making me work hard to catch it.  Whether a wet snow in early spring or an early wet snow in autumn. One week it was full autumn splendor and just a week later the trees had snow clinging to them.  The morning I photographed the snow-covered red maple trees, it was before I had to be at my day job.  I had about 35 minutes to make images.  Three from that morning made it into this gallery.

So as we say goodbye to 2018, I hope you enjoy seeing my favorite images of 2018!

Autumn Splendor

There is a favorite tree in a local park that I love to photograph.  I have photographed her many times, Scarlet Attire, Dressed in Emerald, and Red Maple Tree, and with a bit more luck this winter, I’ll photograph her dressed in diamonds.




And just when I thought I couldn’t come up with a new composition, I found two this year as I was strolling through the park with Madison the Dainty Dachshund.










A few days later I was hopeful the sun would be shining when I left my day job. Unfortunately, the clouds moved in just as I was headed out to photograph the beautiful red tree again. No matter, I grabbed my gear and headed to the park to see what images could be made.  After all, the leaves lose their color and fall quickly as autumn splendor comes to an end. Besides, not having the best light, just made me work harder and as I have had little time for photography, it was good to be challenged. Recalling all the tricks of nature photography I have learned the last several years.  Much to my surprise I noticed another tree, the same type of beautiful red maple tree, an Acer Rubrum.  How have I not noticed this beautiful tree before?

I immediately started working as the little light I had was fading quickly.  Already I was thinking of next year and the numerous compositions that could be made when the surrounding trees would be in full autumn splendor.  But for this year, below are the images I was able to make.

Walking back to my car, I passed my favorite red maple tree and the urge to make an image using intentional camera movement overcame me.  So one final image of my favorite red maple tree dressed in scarlet during autumn splendor.