Bird Nests and Strawberries

We have not one, but two bird nests at our home this year. They have chosen interesting spots to build their nests.

We have had nests where the morning dove chose to build this year, but this is the first morning dove that has nested at our home. She chose to build on a post that holds up the overhang along the front of our home. A few weeks ago there was a morning dove that looked like a juvenile and has since left the nest. Now, either the same morning dove or a different one is using the nest. Do they lay eggs more than once? She is quite calm and must feel safe when we get near.

Morning Dove Nest

In the backyard, there is a robin nest. Her choice is sheltered from the rain, but it’s right above my strawberry bed. Last Sunday I started to pick the first strawberries of the year. Every time I went near the bed, mama robin flew out of the nest and perched on our fence to watch me and was quite loud. She was obviously not happy with my presence. Now, a week later and she has learned to trust me. White I pick strawberries she sits quietly in her nest. However, when entering the shed, it shakes the nest and again she flies away.

Robin nest above strawberry bed

She has allowed me to get close enough to make an image of her. I’m not a bird or wildlife photographer and my longest lens is my macro 105mm. I sometimes use it has a telephoto lens. Below is the image I was able to make.

Robin nest

I’m anxious to see the baby birds, both robin and morning dove. I’m hoping the baby robin(s) don’t fall out of the nest as our two mini dachshunds may not be so friendly to them.

And the strawberries, well they are bright red, sweet and scrumptious!

Bright red, sweet and scrumptious strawberries

Time To Stop And Smell The Flowers

Sometimes you have to make yourself stop and smell the flowers.  As I did this morning.  It’s time to get back to my happy place.  For far too long that place has been pushed out of sight. This morning was overcast, my favorite light to photograph flowers.  And it was time to stop and smell the flowers.

Would I remember how to see?  Could I make an image worthy of showing?  Well, all of you can be the judges.

It felt good to be in my happy place again, with all of my knowledge coming right back into focus (pun intended).  Camera settings, tripod level and angle, finding the story in my flowers all right where I left them and waiting for my return.  Seeing the world as I once did on an almost daily basis, I miss that world.

Too much distraction the last few years and 2020 has been even more of a distraction.  Time to tune the “real world” out and focus on “my world”.

Remember to take time to stop and smell the flowers!

Shasta Daisy


Shasta Daisies