Favorite Images 2017

It’s near the end of another year.  Amazing how as you get old time goes by faster.  This year I was quite challenged by putting together a gallery of favorite images for 2017.  Why?  I have spent little time behind my camera this year and most of the time it was with my iPhone 6s.  When looking at the number of images for 2017, I noticed there were about one third as many images as the last few years.  Hopefully in 2018 I will be behind the camera more, which is where I prefer to be.  Until then, enjoy!


Scarlet Attire

In spring and summer she is dressed in emerald, fall has not only arrived, but soon will be gone.  For now, my favorite tree in the park has changed from her emerald attire to her scarlet attire.

She has been photographed in emerald and scarlet, I believe in the next season I shall photograph her in shimmering white.