tulips-pella-flowers-spring-5834For many years I have wanted to go to Pella Tulip Time in Pella, Iowa, and photograph all the tulips.  Now that I am living in Iowa this was on the top of my bucket list of Iowa places and events to see.  It has been a strange year with spring starting early and then more cold weather.  Unfortunately, the majority of the tulips were past peak bloom, still I was able to make a few images.  There are tulips in every color, including black, and many varieties.


It was a sunny and very warm day in the mid 80’s.  I had decided to go light and only use my macro lens for the day.  My goal was to photograph tulips as flowers are my passion.  However, I also chose to try a few shots of street photography.  With the 105 mm focal length, I was able to make a few images from a distance.  People of all ages dress in the traditional Dutch attire and perform dances (you may click on any of the images below to see a larger size).


ice cream-homemade-john deere-5969


There are lots of events and activities to see and do in Pella during Pella Tulip Time.  And after hours of walking around in the sun, what better than homemade ice cream!  They certainly know how to crank the ice cream.



You may click on any of the images below to see a larger size.  Next year depending on Mother Nature, I may go before Pella Tulip Time begins to photograph the tulips.


Happy Earth Day


Happy Earth Day!  Virginia Bluebells, Mertensia virginiana, a woodland wildflower that is a herbaceous perennial.  The flower buds are pink with the flowers being blue, but white and pink are possible.  While living in Arizona my yard was full of Desert Bluebells aka California Bluebells.  Now that I am in Iowa, Virginia Bluebells will be in my yard.  These particular Virginia Bluebells were transplanted from the timber where my grandfather farmed to my aunt and uncle’s farm and just last week I transplanted several clumps to my backyard.