The mild winter we have been experiencing in Southeast Iowa has certainly been different.  For this week’s Monochrome Madness gallery on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, my submission is below.  Lovely curves were created in the partially open creek reflecting the mild winter.  And according to Punxsutawney Phil, spring is on its way!


Winter – Monochrome Landscape

Cloudy days, cold temperatures, howling winds, snow and ice, it is winter. Winter is the season of a monochrome landscape. A lovely season for monochrome photography.  While some find the gray dreary days difficult, I choose to find the beauty of the landscape.  So far it has been a mild winter in Southeast Iowa, at least in my opinion and some would certainly not agree.  To recharge, a walk in the woods listening to the open water in the creek flowing, the crunching of snow under my feet, finding beauty.  Winter is the opportunity to work on my monochrome photography and embrace the season.

This image is in the Monochrome Madness gallery on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY and will be posted later today.

Saunders Park, Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Saunders Park, Mount Pleasant, Iowa